Apr 15, 14Part-Time Guide Recruitment

--At least one Level 40+ player character in Warlord Saga.
--Able to stay online for 3 hours or longer every day on average.
--Willing to guide others patiently.
--Non moderator.
When finishing the required jobs for a cycle (30 days), every Part-time Guide will receive 600 Tal and 60 G-Ingot on the 10th day of next month. The Part-time Guides who have not worked for 1 month will only receive a part of the monthly salary depending on the number of days they worked in the month. For example, if Paul works as a PTG from April 20th on in April, the salary he will receive in May is equal to (600/30*10) Tal + (60/30*10) G-Ingot, namely 200 Tal plus 20 G-ingot.

--Help answer players' questions, help beginners to get familiar with the game faster, inform players of the latest events, and so on.
--Report hacks, frauds, violations, or any other behavior that may ruin the gaming environment.
--Create one post in the Part-time Guide Forum, and submit daily work report ([Character Name + Time] as well as screenshots proving work involved) every day by replying to the post (If you need to apply for absence, apply by replying to the post too). Please note that every Part-time Guide needs to create only one post in the Part-time Guide Forum.
To Apply
To join the Part-time Guide staff, reply to the post providing your Facebook ID, address of your Home at FACEBOOK, your character name, server name, the languages you are good at, your usual daily active periods (GMT-4) as well as your gaming experiences.
We will evaluate the applicants and announce the final selected Part-time Guides as soon as possible.
(Please do not apply using more than one account.)
The Part-time Guides selected will be invited to join the Warlord Saga Part-time Guide Facebook Group.
1.During the first 9 days of every month, we will check the Part-time Guide staff’s work and disqualify the Part-time Guides who were not active enough during the previous cycle. Additionally, those who did not create one post in the Warlord Saga Part-time Guide Facebook Group or submit daily work report during the previous cycle will not receive rewards.
2.There will be at most 5 Part-time Guides for each server.
3.Any Part-time Guide who violates the game rules will be dismissed, and disqualified permanently, and may also suffer from other punishments accordingly.