Mar 31, 14Warsoul

You may hunt warsouls, and then equip yourself and your heroes with warsouls to augment combat stats.
Hunt Fast: When clicking the “Hunt Fast” button, you will hunt warsouls fast until all the slots are full.
The “Hunt Fast” option will automatically spend Gold to hunt warsouls from the NPCs that you can visit.
While hunting warsouls fast, you may gain white, green, blue, purple and golden warsouls which are inferior to the latter ones in quality respectively. With higher quality, the warsoul will be improved by a larger margin when its level goes up by 1. Each warsoul’s level can reach 10 at most. (The red warsoul are only obtainable from some certain events.)
Combine: When clicking the “Combine” button, you will combine all the other warsouls except for the purple and golden ones into one warsoul which can serve as EXP to upgrade other warsouls. You may also directly drag one warsoul to combine it with another one.