Mar 31, 14Treasure Hunt

Each day you may unfold the “Treasure Hunt” window to hunt treasures.
The treasure hunt mechanism is available from level 29 on. Each day you can hunt treasures 9 times for free. For every 2 hours you have stayed in game, you will gain 1 more opportunity to hunt treasures for free. When you use out the opportunities to hunt treasures for free, you may spend 4 Tal instead to hunt treasures once.
When hunting treasures, you may gain one of the following items.
Top Prize: Lvl 7 Stat Gem Box (Open to gain 1 random level 7 stat gem)
First Prize: Super Grade Bolus (Use to improve the quality of a hero from Purple to Golden.)
Second Prize: Lvl 6 Stat Gem Box (Open to gain 1 random level 6 stat gem)
Third Prize: Daily Quest Scroll (Reset the daily limit of Daily Quests)
Misc: Gold Hierogram, Spar Hierogram, Colorful Gem, equipment, Racing Trunk Remains, Warsoul Box, Grade Bolus, etc.