Mar 31, 14Special Shop

1. In the Special Shop, you may spend Fame to buy various stuff available in the “Fame” section.2. The goods to be purchased by Fame will change on the hour every hour.3. You may also spend Vigor to buy either AP potions in the “Vigor&rd

Mar 31, 14Arsenal

1. Level 39+ players can create the certain equippable items in the Arsenal.2. When you are equipped with an entire item set, your combat stats will be additionally augmented accordingly.3. In the Arsenal, you can check the materials required for creating

Mar 31, 14Gem

TipsThere are resistance gems and stat gems.You may equip yourself and your heroes with gems, augmenting combat stats.Each gem can be upgraded to level 10 at most. 3 identical gems of the same level can be combined into 1 gem of +1 level with the same typ
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