Mar 31, 14Quests

1.      Main Quests

The Main Quests must be completed one by one. To accept a Main Quest, you must also reach a certain level. When turning in a Main Quest, you will receive lots of EXP and may also some items.

2.      Daily Quests

You can only accept Daily Quests from the notice board in Luoyang. When turning in a Daily Quest, you will receive a lot of EXP.
Each day you can only complete 6 Daily Quests, but you can use 1 Daily Quest Scroll to deal with another 6. You may spend Tal to refresh the quests available, changing their difficulty and also rewards.

3.      Hero Quests

When you have gotten acquainted with a hero, you can deal with the certain quests to recruit them.
To get acquainted with a hero, you must meet the certain requirements. You may need to reach a certain rank, clear a certain part in the Campaign, capture a certain city in the Expedition, recruit a certain hero first, improve your membership to a certain grade, etc.
To accept a quest from a hero, you must also be familiar enough with them (shown in the form of Familiarity points). You may pay the hero a visit to increase the Familiarity of you two.

4.      Guild Quests

While in a guild, you can accept Guild Quests each day to earn EXP and increase your contribution to the guild.
Each day you can complete 10 Guild Quests at most.