Mar 31, 14Heroes

1.      Summary

Heroes play a significant role in the game.
Name: The hero’s name
Level: The hero’s stats will increase accordingly as their level goes up.
HP: Short for hit points, equal to the maximum damage the hero can take in a combat.
Power: Influences the attack power of the hero’s attack.
Defense: Influences the amount of damage the hero can reduce when attacked.
Dodge: Influences the chance that the hero can dodge an attack suffered.
Crit: Influences the chance that you can inflict double damage in combat.
Speed: Influences the hero’s turn to take action in every round of a combat.
EXP: With enough EXP, the hero’s level will go up automatically.
Strength: The comprehensive criterion to evaluate how strong the hero is in combat.
Cultivate: You may spend Potential to cultivate a hero, increasing its Savvy.
Training: By training, the hero will gain EXP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Show: You may show a hero in the chat channel you choose.
Rest: You may make a hero rest in the Inn to empty a slot for you to recruit another hero.
Rename: You may spend a Renaming Card to rename a hero.
Spell: Each hero masters a certain hero. As the hero’s level goes up, the spell will be more powerful.

2.      Hero’s Savvy

A hero’s combat stats are greatly influenced to its savvy.
The maximum of a hero’s Savvy can be increased as the hero’s quality is raised.
You may spend Potential to increase a hero’s Savvy till the maximum.
Cultivation: You may spend Potential to increase a hero’s Savvy till the maximum.
Raising Quality: You may spend certain grade boluses to raise a hero’s quality, increasing the maximum of the hero’s Savvy.
*Tips: You may obtain grade boluses from events, treasure hunt, the Heroic Run, Expedition, the Mall, etc.

3.      Recruiting Heroes

In the Hall of Fame, you can recruit the heroes that you are eligible to recruit and check the requirements for recruiting the heroes.
The heroes are divided into 5 categories.
To get acquainted with a hero, you must meet the certain requirements. You may need to reach a certain rank, clear a certain part in the Campaign, capture a certain city in the Expedition, recruit a certain hero first, improve your membership to a certain grade, etc.
To recruit a hero (except for some special ones), you must get acquainted with them and also complete the certain quests first.
\You may click the “Change” button in the Tavern to change the hero to interact with.