Mar 31, 14Mount

1.      Mount’s Attributes

The mount mechanism will be accessible from level 70 on. A mount can increase your movement speed. A mount’s attributes will directly augment your combat stats.
To augment a mount’s stats, you must spend Anima. You may gain Anima from Anima Boluses. When a mount’s stats have been augmented to the largest extent, you can raise its level.
The level cap of mounts depends on your level.

2.      Shift

You may obtain many mounts gradually. You may choose to ride one of the mounts.
To unlock a mount, you may upgrade a certain mount to a certain level, upgrade your memberships, or simply use a certain item.
The stats of all mounts will directly augment yours.

3.      Talents

Some mounts have special talents. By learning the talents, you will be able to enjoy the certain bonuses.