Mar 19, 14Background

The world tends to unite after a long period of division and tends to divide after a long period of union. This has been so since antiquity. The rise of the fortunes of Han began when Liu Bang the Supreme Ancestor slew a white serpent to raise the banners of uprising, which only ended when the whole empire belonged to Han (BC 202). This magnificent heritage was handed down in successive Han emperors for two hundred years, till the rebellion of Wang Mang caused a disruption. But soon Liu Xiu the Eastern Han Founder restored the empire, and Han emperors continued their rule for another two hundred years till the days of Emperor Xian, which were doomed to see the beginning of the empire's division into three parts, known to history as The Three Kingdoms. Emperor Huan paid no heed to the good people of his court, but gave his confidence to the Palace eunuchs. He lived and died, leaving the scepter to Emperor Ling, whose advisers were Regent Marshal Dou Wu and Imperial Guardian Chen Fan. Dou Wu and Chen Fan, disgusted with the abuses of the eunuchs in the affairs of the state, plotted the destruction for the power-abusing eunuchs.
At this time in the county of Julu was a certain Zhang family, of whom three brothers bore the name of Zhang Jiao, Zhang Ba, and Zhang Lian, respectively. The eldest Zhang Jiao was an unclassed graduate, who devoted himself to medicine. One day, while culling simples in the woods, Zhang Jiao met a venerable old gentleman with very bright, emerald eyes and fresh complexion, who walked with an oak-wood staff. The old man beckoned Zhang Jiao into a cave and there gave him three volumes of The Book of Heaven. Not long after, Zhang Jiao initiated a rebellion against the Court, which is known as the Yellow-turban Rebellion.
The Court soon ordered Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun to quell the rebellion from three directions. When it came to a deadlock, the Court posted a notice to recruit the brave volunteers to fight against the Yellow-turban Rebels. Since then, numerous heroes had attained great merits one after another.
One day, a wounded stranger suddenly appeared in a peaceful village in Changshan, disturbing the still. Near the waterfall of the Village, there resides Hua Tuo the highly skilled doctor, Zuo Ci the unfathomable Taoist, Zuo Ci’s smart apprentice Xing Cai, and the Holy Hermit who likes to travel around. They try to cure the wounded. No one knows where the stranger will go, or what he will do in the age of chaos…